HPPFSPR2025 – Female Screwed to Plain Reducer 20-25mm


The FSPR2025 is an innovative new product designed to solve a common problem faced by electricians. It allows for easy connection of a 20mm gland to a 25mm PVC junction box. 
This adaptor is made in Australia and is built to the highest standards, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. The FSPR2025 simplifies installation and saves time for electricians.


Australian-Made Fittings Specifications:

  • B.E.P Certified
  • Made in Australia
  • UV Stabilised (UV T)
  • Heavy Duty


HP Profiles is currently transitioning to the Australian production of PVC fittings. We are unable to guarantee our supply of PVC fittings will be Australian made. Please refer to the label on your product box for the country of origin.

Heavy-duty and UV stabilisation is only applicable to Australian made fittings.

Please contact us if you need an Australian made product, and to ensure Australian made fittings are available.


    HPPFSPR2025Female Screwed to Plain Reducer 20-25mm